Another Genting True Ghost Story

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Ok this is from those who has worked in genting before.
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My First Blog Template Design

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Today i spent few hours designing my first blog template and this is how it looks like. What u guys think about this blog template? Actually im very satisfy with the result of this template because it appears to be something i wanted in my mind. At least it looks much more better than the “ice bubble” template which i used previously…too much blue is not for me lol

Hope to hear comment from you guys about this template. Those who are interested to use my template can ask from me. By the way, what should i name it? Any suggestion?

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My valentine your valetine - Chapter 5

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30 minutes pass…1 hour pass, on the stage it is the selection for prom king and prom queen and yet audrey havent come back to find us…and yue fern told me she went out to talk on the handphone so i din care about it and continue chatting and try to know this best friend of audrey, yue fern. she is very beautiful too with a dark blue/green contacts with pink eye shadow and a very elegant pink night gown. some compliment come out from me about her hair and makeup and stuff. i also manage to take down her handphone number that time.

Suddenly audrey come out from nowhere saying that she went outside jus now at the hall there to chat with her friends and listening to the classical singers. so she jus come in then she went in front and sit with other groups of friends and there are some empty spaces so me and yue fern join in and witness the stupid prom king & queen selection where most of the males are malay cos i think most of the VI guys which attend are malays.

But after the prom king & queen selection, audrey suggested that we go to some bar to continue the night since it was so crazily i agreed and she mentioned that she will be going back home with her friends to change other dress for pub later.

Then i’ve been left with yue fern at the prom where audrey telling me that i will be fetching yue fern and another friend to the pub at bangsar later and we will meet there. so now me and yue fern still can hangout at the prom for some time so that audrey & other friends might have time to change other dresses. and to my surprise the following performance really amazed me. Few good looking sexy dancers dancing the britney spear’s song “me against the music” and they are dam hot…

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A Weird Interview?

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Today a weird malay guy came to my office and he wanted to apply for webmaster/programmer position. So i ask him to come in to the meeting room where i conducted the interview. When i ask him where he study, he think for quite some time then he told me he study in johor…then i ask him johor which college or university and he just give me a smile.*look like physco to me*

Nevermind about that then i ask him to show me the resume, he told me that he didnt bring anything and just show me his photocopy SPM result slip. When i look at it i was quite surprised because all the grade is A1. Then somehow i have the six sense that there is no way he can get such a good result. Suddenly i notice something…his name on the result slip is being liquid and part of the name he use words cut out from other paper and stick on it. What the hell was he thinking? He think im dumb or what…..then fine….i ask him do you know what is webmaster….and there he go again thinking for a while then answer me: issit accounting?

That moment i was thinking…are you playing a fool? without wasting more of my time i storm out of the room and look for another staff and ask him to go talk to him. After that the staff told him he is not suitable and bla bla bla and later on he walk out of the company. After 5 minutes he called back and ask the secretary whether he got the job….*me and my colleague laugh like shit*

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Saw Ghost at Genting on Recharge Zouk Fest 2005

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Below is a chat conversation in msn with a friend who encounter ghost in genting after the recharge zouk fest. All information are being posted as it is without editing.

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My valentine your valentine - Chapter 4

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ppl keep coming in to fill up the seats and when the seats were almost full, the prom begins. the malay presenter talking in funny english slang declared that the prom starts now, me and audrey went to take some food since it was a buffet dinner. Could you imagine what food they serve for a ticket price of rm70? well im quite satisfy with it…fresh oyster, lamb, salad, fresh salmon, meat, mutton, rice….the list goes on and all the food are at high quality with superb taste. Audrey keep stuffing those food to my plate telling me that i should eat more cos i look abit slim heh…

the starting of the performance was abit sucky with vocal singer singing crappy songs, and with those voice im glad that i still can swallow my food properly without affected by their voice.

When we return to our table after 2nd round of taking the food and finishing them halfway, a group of people walking towards us and asking if we were sitting in their table. that time i stop my food and pretend looking towards the stage ignoring them, audrey’s friends were trying to convince them that our table is free seating, haha but actually the table are numbered and they have the ticket with exact number so we have to move to the waiting chair after some quarrel with the organizer waiting for any table to be inserted new chair so that we could join other tables.

When we went to sit on the waiting chair…yue fern sits beside me and audrey went outside and not sure where shes going. so i keep chatting with yue fern and watching the pathetic performance done on stage and most of the time i was thiking of something to talk with yue fern. Once in a while she pointed at her classmates telling me about the 9 girls that are really hardcore friends in their school and their background story…honest to god, 9 of them are very very pretty indeed. at that moment i saw a malay girl who is so dam sexy wearing a white bra top having her boob popping out and looks really like jennifer lopez. then she told me that girl is only 17 and i was like what the….

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Zuup soup bar in 1U

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Yesterday i went 1U shopping complex with my gf. We went there shopping and bought her clothes and an earring. After that when we wanted to eat dinner, she suggested to eat at this new restaurant call Zuup soup bar…at first i thought that the name was kinda funny, i ordered nasi lemak and my gf ordered their specialty (i guess) call zuup soup (Actually it is a soup in bread bowl) and cheesy french fries. The food there was excellent but i felt that the restaurant is abit too small. After dinner my gf say she still hungry *gosh* haha…then she keep on pulling me to a shop just in front call “old chang kee” and she wanted the fried squid head in stick. After shopping around until 9p.m something then we headed home…

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Pray for my gf’s doggy name cutie

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It is 3:31am now and i still havent go to bed….because im so sad to hear that my gf’s doggy is dying due to worm infection+ flu + fever. Even 2 different vet couldnt help. My gf is very kind hearted because she adopted cutie from PAWs, an organization in malaysia which keep abandon dogs and due to their fund problems they have to shut down the organization.

When first day i saw cutie, she is very cute, white in color and like to run here run there. today im at my gf’s house i can see cutie become very skinny, cutie dont want to eat and she even constantly shaking, when cutie walking that time also will fall down once in a while….i feel so sorry for my gf because she is crying so sadly on the phone and i really hope nothing bad will happen to cutie.

Hope everyone who read this can pray for cutie so that she will be ok.

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Naughty Comics 3

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Naughty Comics 3

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Singapore Ghost Stories - Based on true story

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This is a real story spread among Singapore taxi drivers.
It was about 7.30 pm in Chinese New Year’s eve. Taxi driver Ah Tan, a
60-year-old man, lived in Bedok Reservoir Rd, was rushing back home to
celebrate the family dinner.

He happened to pass by a remote path somewhere near Punggol. That used
to be a farm village but has been deserted for a few years. There were
altogether four bus-stops along the roadside.

While he was driving along the path, he saw a young lady at the bus-stop
flagging for his taxi. At first, he wanted to take the lady but he was
going to be late for his dinner. Being a person particular for punctuality,
he decided not to take this customer. Then he carried on driving. To

his surprise, there was another lady flagging him down. This time he
felt familiar because she was wearing a red T-shirt and black skirt but
due to fading light, he could not see her face.

When he passed by the third bus-stop, he felt a bit of horror as another
lady was flagging him again, in the same red and black clothes! How
would a lady moves faster than the wheels? The distance between two
stops is about 0.8 KM away! This time, he really felt horrible and stepped
the accelerator harder.When passing the fourth one, a lady charged at his car!

He was driving at least at the speed of 100 KM/H! The lady flew over his
vehicle and dropped inside a drain next to the bus-stop. Ah Tan cried out
due to extremely horror! The victim once again in red and black clothes.
Ah Tan felt so bad and had no mood celebrating New Year.

Finally, he decided to report to the police. The body in red and
black skirt was found, it was a young Chinese lady aged between 20 to
25 year old. Ah Tan’s horror got attested. The lady’s cause of death
is not by car accident but stabbed by sharp object! She had been dead
for about three days, the body already started to decay.

After the police statement, Ah Tan thought of the whole things had been over.
Of course the police snickered at his initial statement and made him do
another ‘credible’ one.

One week later, Ah Tan’s horrible feeling had lessen. What a coincidence,
he striked first prize 4-D for his taxi number plate. He won a big sum
of money, he was so delighted in this, but unfortunately he fell down
in the bath room and fractured his right arm. He was admitted to Changi hospital.

In the hospital, he started to have nightmare night after night. A young lady,
in red and black skirt, kept calling him “Ah Peh, li di si lo lai?”(Uncle, when
are you coming down?). He really cannot tolerate to it anymore.

Moreover, the inflammation started on his wound. Luckily, one of his
friend who is a Taoist priest suggested to give up his stake’s money
instead of plead for ’safety’. He told Ah Tan that the lady ghost is
gnawed by serious grievances and has become a ferocious spirit.

Since she could not avenge the murderer due to some reasons, Ah Tan
chosen to be the ’scapegoat’ for her rebirth’. The 4D winning stake
is to exchange for his life!

After a battle of mind, the lady still disturbed him in the meanwhile,
with a shattered nerves he decided to give up his $100,000 to The
Charity Community Chest. Strange enough, he recovered from the illness

Everything seemed to be over, but a short period after his discharged,
his wife striked 4-D again, the stake amount is also $100,000! This is
because, one day, his wife went market and bought some vegetable, she
saw the wrapper was the used newspaper which reported the young lady’s
murder case. Strangely, there was four numbers on it, and his wife
bet on and striked. After a fierce argument between them, Ah Tan failed
to convince his wife to donate the money. A deep worry began to burden
Ah Tan when his wife started puzzle head and like to put on red T-shirt
and black skirt. She seemed to go mad and the temper got hotter and hotter.

One morning, she suddenly told Ah Tan that the life is meaningless’.
This time Ah Tan was decisive, he gave up all the money immediately. He
brought his wife to the temple and asked the monks to release the young lady’s
souls from purgatory.

After this incident, he stop buying 4-D or involves in all kinds of gambling.
Not long ago, he’d also gave up his taxi-license.

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