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Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence

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ghost in the shell 2Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, anime filmmaker Mamoru Oshii’s follow up to his 1995 cult classic Ghost in the Shell, hits North American theaters on September 17. We’ve got an exclusive first look at the mind-blowingly cool trailer for the flick – download it by clicking the links provided below.
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My valentine your valentine - Chapter 11

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this time i didnt even pratice the route forenight and straight away drive to her house with some clue in my mind on how to reach there as i’ve been that area once for quite a long time ago, and the landmark im looking for this time is plaza phoenix so its quite far away from my house.

as i driving in cheras area i started to feel that i might be overpass the plaza phoenix cos in front of me were those sign board which lead to somewhere in other states like hulu kelang, kuantan and stuff so i was pretty scared and after some call to yue fern to make sure im heading, i decided to take the turn into taman cheras and ask the direction at the bp station and in my relief i found my way to plaza pheonix and then found myself driving pass yue fern house after calling her and she directed me to her housing area.

when she come out to open the gate for me, i was so mesmerised by her beautiness, she looks so pretty as an angel and i feel quite nervous that time walking into her house with her dog barking over me and inside her house i greeted to her grandma and father and sitting there waiting for her. few minutes later we were on our way to warp discotheque cos she said there got 1 restaurant called TGI fridays so i agreed with her and we went there…when we pass by the front part of the restaurant i can notice alot of ppl inside but yet i still drive into the underground parking lot and took the parking tickets.

the moment we reach the door of the TGI friday we could see lots of ppl waiting outside the door, even ppl are sitting outside the waiting chair. so i guess theres no hope for us to wait so we go back and take the car and look for other restaurant and that time yue fern suggested that we go eden have a look eventhough i told her it was fully booked. but this is the most crazy part of the story. i didnt even park the car at the parking lot for more than 2 minute and they still charge me parking fee rm5!!! where on earth got such logic man? so next time dont ever park your car at warp discotheque.

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